Keep calm and keep the economy going

On Sunday night President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered the performance of his career to date. The 90-minute delay beforehand did threaten to eclipse the announcement, but in the end the man lampooned for having no backbone had a TV moment that was second only to Nelson Mandela in 1992.

Sane-tise to keep from catching the mania contagion

La Dolca Vita took a body blow earlier this week after the Italian government extended its novel Coronavirus Covid 19 quarantine of part of the north of the country to the entire nation.  You can say what you like about the Italians, there have been no half measures; the schools were closed, then the big soccer fixtures were played but to empty stadia, finally there was a lockdown on movement until April 4.

Coronavirus – not something to be ‘sneezed at’

Plagues and pestilence are no laughing matter – they’re certainly not to be sneezed at – but it’s difficult not to wonder if there isn’t just a hint of hysterical giddiness (and hypocrisy) about the Coronavirus sweeping the globe.

‘Boy editor’ Shaun Johnson was an icon of South African journalism

He might have written his name in lights in this newspaper group, but his work extended far beyond that; as a precocious young journalism student drafting the business plan for what would become The New Nation, doing pioneering training work on the Weekly Mail on his return from Oxford where he’d been a Rhodes Scholar and even doing radio journalism on the legendary Capital 604 radio station.

Why this is not simply a Cyril spring

We are living in incredible times. One day we’ll be able to look back and ask ‘where were you when…’ about the events of the last two months.

We dare not forget, we dare not trivialise the suffering under apartheid

Apartheid was a crime against humanity. It is not measured solely by the body bags of Sharpeville, Soweto, Boipatong or all the others, but because of the fact it dehumanised millions of South Africans across generations for the benefit of a minority, aided and abetted by the many collaborators within and without the Bantustans.