What’s with white angst at the word ‘lackadaisical’?

It’s amazing what sets people’s teeth on edge – especially white people. There are many things; power, the price of it or the lack of it, water (both price and lack if you’re in Cape Town), potholes… and now lackadaisical.

BLF straw man should click ‘The Crossing’

We might think that Black Land First leader Andile Mngxitama is a straw man, a failed EFT-looter and a Gupta-bot to boot, but that doesn’t make his utterances, captured on video at a rally last Saturday and then posted for posterity on twitter any the less loathsome.

Concert chaos calls for efficiency, not hand-wringing

 I spent Monday going through social media with an increasing sense of horror, reading unvarnished accounts of terror outside FNB stadium in the south of Joburg – ironically just after the Global Citizens’ Concert celebrating the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

What the EFF? Outrage in SA gains momentum

This was a great week for South Africa. It might not have felt it at the Zondo Commission up the road in Parktown where some of Juju’s Teletubbies swapped their overalls for ersatz camo, ADT flak jackets and handguns, while the rent-a-mob in red did their best to drown out Pravin Gordhan’s testimony.